Top 5 Things To Do In Louisville

Louisville – Horses, Game & More

Are you looking to visit Louisville, Kentucky? Then we have suggested five top things for your “To Do” List, that just might tickle your fancy…

Speaking of “Fancy”…

5Things To Do Louisville Article Horse

Dress up a little fancy and go visit the home of The Kentucky Derby. Held in Louisville’s magnificent Churchill Grounds. It is, is bound to be high on your priorities, especially if you’re into horses, fashion and of course seeing if you can cover your expenses with your winnings!  A word of warning, remember that you’re on your feet, juggling mint juleps and your bets. But despite fashion being high on your list, you may want to have a secret pair of flats stashed into a bag. Also, it’s entirely outdoors and the weather in Louisville can be pretty unpredictable. So be prepared for everything from sunburn or thunderstorms.

If you’re Game…

5 Top Things To Do Louisville Article Burger

Once you’ve slipped into something comfortable, head on over to Game in the historic “Irish Hill” district of Louisville. While it doesn’t look like anything much from the outside, your tastebuds will be blown away by the generous servings in this true carnivore’s paradise. I highly recommend the Bone Marrow starter and Local Bison burger with a side of Sweet Potato Fries. But trust me, there is so much delicious food on the menu full of exotic meats that it won’t matter too much what you order.

Get some more game…

For some family fun, pop on over to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Easily spotted downtown with its’ Instagram-worthy 120 feet tall exact-scale replica of Babe Ruth’s 34-inch bat proudly standing out the front. Even if you aren’t necessarily big into baseball, we are sure you’ll still have a blast! With a factory tour and a museum full of history, you’ll need to allow about 2 hours or more to enjoy it all. The cool thing is you can get your name printed on a special baseball bat. Or take home the free souvenir mini-bat that comes with your admission.

Feeling thirsty…

5 Top Things To Do Louisville Article Bourbon

With the Bourbon Trail right on your doorstep, it’s practically a sin not to head on out of Louisville. So get some fresh air and of course, some bourbon. The Bootlegger Bourbon Distillery Tour takes you on a journey through some fabulous countryside as you sip and stroll your way through the day. Woodford Reserve and Makers Mark are favourites on this tour. With Limestone Branch a lesser known distillery also giving you the opportunity to discover their moonshine and bourbon. They are fast becoming local favorites and a good indication this region full of history has some good newcomers.

A grand finale…

The Seelbach Hotel is the grandest hotel in Louisville. So grand in fact it was used in movies such as “The Hustler” and “The Great Gatsby.” In fact, Gatsby writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald frequented this hotel and it was here he drew his inspiration. There’s even a room with two hidden doors where Al Capone and his gang would escape through when the Feds would come to get them. Full of history, full of lavish elegance and you too could be full of food. Simply book in for one of their special Royal Brunch buffets in the Oakroom.


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