Overseas Traveler Checklist

Four Important things to tick off before you travel overseas.

Overseas Traveler? Then Tick These 4 Things Off Your Checklist Before Your Next Trip

When you are an overseas traveler it’s important to find out about so much. It’s not just all about where to stay and what you’ll see. There are visas, the weather – especially during storm seasons, and of course whether there are any health warnings for your destination to consider. The following checklist is a handy guide to make sure that you are in the know before you go.

1. Do You Need a Visa?

First of all, it’s important to note that there are so many countries that have regulated requirements concerning visas. So if you are traveling from the U.S going to the following countries you’ll need to be aware of what is allowed.

Mexico – for visits of 180 days or more, otherwise no.

U.K, Italy, France – for visits over 90 days, otherwise no.

Australia – a visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

Furthermore, we suggest that as an overseas traveler, you regularly investigate this information as it can change. So for specific information about a destination’s visa requirements, check out the travel section of your relevant government website. In the U.S you can check travel.state.gov for this info.


2. Storm Watch

The weather can wreak havoc on your holiday if you go at the wrong time of year. And nobody wants that! So check your destinations seasons and find out about when major changes in weather occur. Especially relevant would be when the storm seasons are or even snow season. You really don’t want to be waylaid by inclement or outright bad weather.


3. Check Health Warnings – Are You Immunised?

When did you last have your booster shot? If you’re not checking WHO’s site regularly, you’re probably not aware of the health warnings for all areas of the world. Most of all appropriate would be the places you are visiting. Therefore, avoid serious illness and check your destination for any health warnings that have been issued. Then proceed accordingly by visiting your doctor and even having a check up. It’s important to seek the correct medical immunisations or prescriptions.


4. Border Crossing Rules – Beware the Schengen

Beware the what? The Schengen Code! This code applies to any person crossing the external borders of all EU countries, except those of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Also applicable is the internal borders of the Schengen area (a border-free area comprising 22 EU countries, along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). The crux of it is that you must only cross borders at designated border crossing points and ensure that your passport has been stamped each time you enter/exit. No stamp? It may be presumed that you do not fulfil, or no longer fulfil, the conditions of duration of a short stay. So go get stamped! It’s your only way guarantee back in the country you left.

Once you’ve ticked these things off your checklist, the doom and gloom side of planning is over!  Now onto more pressing issues such as, which beach will you be lying on with your cocktail in hand?


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