10 Best Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

What Are Some Things To Do In Orlando Outside The Theme Parks?

If you’re not interested in heading to the theme parks while you’re in Orlando, you may be wondering what else is there? Surely there’s more things you can do in Orlando besides going to an outlet mall or the beach?

We’ve compiled a list of the ’10 best things’ that you can do outside of the theme parks. Most noteworthy ideas, including cool places to visit, where to eat, and where you can have a memorable ‘only in Orlando’ experience. This list, based on unbiased reviews from travellers around the world. People who have been there and done that!

Top 10 Things To Experience Outside Orlando…Here we go!

1. Take A Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon Ride

2. Jump on an airboat to explore the Everglades

3. Get a coffee at Downtown Credo in the College Park neighbourhood and check out the Kerouac Project.

4. Grab a cocktail at The Courtesy

5. Have an Astronaut show you around the Kennedy Space Center – (Only in Orlando!)

6. Take the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive – Plenty of native wildlife for the nature lover to see.

7. Visit Plant Street Market instead of the outlets

8. Go Bass fishing with the experts

9. Have breakfast at Gideon’s Bakehouse Scrumptious!

10. Catch a show at the non-profit, community based, Dr.Phillips Performing Arts Center

Tips For Those Visiting Orlando For The First Time

If you are visiting Orlando for the first time, we understand that going to Disney World is right up there on your wish list. It is after all, the happiest place on earth! Also, a travelers tip is that you’ll actually need a “day off”. If you’re going to theme parks all day every day then whatever you do, plan some time out. Days in either Disney or Universal Studios for that matter, are amazing. But you’re on your feet for hours and it can be exhausting. Especially if you have little ones and also if you aren’t used to the typically humid weather that you’ll be experiencing.

So travel outside of peak season when you can get a great deal on flights to Orlando from your destination. And plan a trip that includes so much more than your typical theme park experience.

Orlando has so many things to do outside the theme parks that will satisfy the nature-lover as well as the cultural enthusiast. Check out some of the neighbourhoods that have put Florida on both the historical and literary map. If you want a more in-depth perspective, don’t be shy about asking the friendly locals for some expert tips on some of the best things do in their ‘backyard.’ You may like to also check out another one of our articles “The Top Reasons to Visit Disney World in 2018”, for some additional information.


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